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The Academy

The Academy based in Kensington in the heart of what was London's old film world not far from the BBCTV Centre. Delivering a series of Modular Virtual courses with in-person training.


The FILM LINK Academy, originally based in central London delivers a series of Modular Virtual courses with in-person training. The Academy has a mission to provide a broad range of career-oriented educational programs with the aim of producing innovative, creative graduates who are well-prepared for the rapidly growing field of content production, marketing and funding. It’s a vocational based institution with a focus on building a professional career in the industry.

Programs are designed in collaboration with leading filmmakers and educators, allowing novice or existing film-makers to learn the art of creating content that sells and to benefit from membership of the community network. In this way the Academy serves as an important complementary tool-box for those joining the film-festival community promoting networking and information exchange.

The Academy focuses on the development of equal opportunities in the Business of Digital Media and film production within the world wide web and the commercial sector offering finishing school learning to Film School Graduates and film entrepreneurs and young people who may not otherwise have access to career development pathways into film production.

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