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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Film Production

My film is online, will it still be eligible for the festival? 

While we do prefer films not to be online when applying, we accept short films or short animations that have been online and if selected we will screen them. This is not the case for feature films where we won't be able to accept their submission if they have been released online. 


My film has been projected at another film festival, will it be able to be screened at BELIFF? 

Because we understand delicate process of submitting to more than one film festival, the premiere status is not required for any of the categories of the competition. 

If my film is selected for the screening at BELIFF will the festival be able to pay for me and/or my crew to attend?

Due to the large number of applicants, unfortunately BELIFF cannot support any filmmakers to fly over to the festival.

If my film is selected for the screening at BELIFF will the festival be able to offer accommodation? 

Due to the large number of people attending the festival we will not be able to arrange accommodation for any attendees. If you have any questions about hotels in the area please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Can I get my cast/crew/friends/family free tickets for the screenings of my film? 

Each filmmaker gets 2 complimentary tickets or 1 free invitation for 2 people, which grants them free access to the festival at any screenings during its period. If other cast members, family or friends would like to attend they will have to purchase separate tickets.

If my film doesn't get selected, can you tell me why?

Each submission to the festival, successful or not, gets a free short review. Please understand that because of the large number of application, we cannot cope with offering a comprehensive feedback to each and every one of them. If you wish you may get a full feedback or review in exchange for a fee; please get in touch to arrange. 

What formats will you be able to screen?

File formats eligible for the screening are a minimum resolution of 1080p (1920x1080), preferably in HD mov files. If other digital files are available and the filmmaker does not have the means to send a .mov file, we may accept: .avi, .mp4 or we may be able to convert the file to a .mov in exchange for a small fee. 

Can I submit more than one film? 

Yes you can, but each film needs to be submitted separately.

Can I apply for more than one section?

Yes you can. We strongly suggest though you read the eligibility guidelines and make sure your film is eligible for the category you are submitting to.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we now accept PayPal, please get in touch for instructions. You can also pay via Film Freeway, Withoutabox, Festhome or via bank transfer. 

Is my film going to be screened online?

No. While festival trailers with presentation fragments from the official selection might be posted online on our site, on social media or other complementary sites for marketing purposes, no film submitted for the BELIFF competition will be screened online. All films officially selected will be screened live at the festival's venue. We understand the value of intellectual property and we much treasure it. We therefore have no intentions in diminishing the value of our official selections by posting them online before they have 'become of age' - they have finished their festivals circuit and their owners wish to distribute them online. If BELIFF develops distribution services or online connected film services and is interested in your film, its owners, organisers or representatives will contact the filmmakers and any arrangements will be established in writing with the film owners before any further step of screening online is taken. 

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