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In the midst of the COVID 19 outbreak that took a toll on all of our lives, we want to keep you updated and reassured that we are aiming to go ahead as scheduled with the 5th annual edition of BELIFF festival in August 2020 at the wonderful Lyric Theatre in London. However, in the event the venue will be ordered to remain closed further down the line, we have been making preparations to shift our programme of the official selection online (protected by a paywall) and reach audiences worldwide as a useful and exciting alternative. We will endeavour to keep everyone informed and share another year of unique independent films from the utmost passionate of filmmakers.  



Because we understand the financial pressures this outbreak has put on the filmmaking industry, especially the independent one, we have reduced our submission fee with 50% in a humble attempt to show our support and encourage filmmakers to continue to have faith in their projects and try to get there work visible.


Use Code: BEEPIC50 to get your 50% discount. 

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London always has something new and exciting to offer. Its effervescence awakens the senses and triggers a hunt after the bus experience out there.

Entertainment has never been so competitive. On this vivid competitive scene BELIFF film festival raises the bar by scouting the best independent films each year and bringing them exclusively to GENESIS CINEMA in 93-95 Mile End Road, London. Belief was founded by IOANA and VLAD DOROFTE in 2016

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