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"A warm and diverse film festival."

- Johnny Lau, August 2020

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London always has something new and exciting to offer. Its effervescence awakens the senses and triggers a hunt after the bus experience out there.

Entertainment has never been so competitive. On this vivid competitive scene BELIFF film festival raises the bar by scouting the best independent films each year and bringing them exclusively to GENESIS CINEMA in 93-95 Mile End Road, London. BELIFF was founded by IOANA and VLAD DOROFTE in 2016

Social Media Mini Fest!

Can't wait for the festival? No worries, we've got you covered with our Social Media Mini Film Fest. Each month we'll have a new theme for budding filmmakers to submit a short piece about, on any of our social media platforms. Everyone who enters will receive a discount for the next festival. The film that gets the most likes each month will win a FREE entry to the next festival. For more information, watch the video our check out our social media! 

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A great festival with very open minded people, so happy to be part of it! It is very important to give filmmakers around the world a chance to show their work and BELIFF is doing an amazing job in doing so.

— Vitor Baumgratz, August 2020

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