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Best Feature
1. SECOND CHANCE – directed by Carlos Cardona
2. DAY SIX – directed by Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham
3. PUBLIC INTIMACY – directed by Luciana Canton
Best Short Film
1. BEACON – directed by Trevor Tillman
2. FILS – directed by Cyrus Neshvad
3. FROM THE WOODS – directed by Bhavithrah Satkunarasa
4. TUNISIE 2045 – directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac
5. PUSHING – directed by Ryan LaPine
Best Animation
1. DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEARS – directed by Jill Johnston
2. REFLEX CAMERA – directed by Yoomi Kim
3. SHIRKOA – directed by Ishan Shukla
Best Experimental
1. PUSHING – directed by Ryan LaPine
2. RIVER – directed by Stephanie Maxwell
3. VOICES FROM KAW THOO LEI – directed by Martha Gorzycki


MICHAEL ERIERA – Actor/ Director of International School Of Screen Acting
PHILIP WOLFF – Film Director/ Screenwriter/ Actor
DAVID CRAIK – Producer/ Film Director/ Director of International School Of Screen Acting
IOANA DOROFTE – Festival Founder/ Actor/ Screenwriter
VLAD DOROFTE – Festival Founder/ Film Director/ Screenwriter

Be Epic! London International Film Festival (BELIFF) is a yearly film festival encouraging young and old film makers from around the world to contribute to the shaping of society through inspirational films that combine with valuable messages and innovative ideas. BELIFF aims to be the rising point of film makers and up and coming new artists by promoting value and hard work and we are dedicating ourselves to stand up for everyone who is looking to refine and discover film both as entertaining and educating audiences from all around the globe.

ANTOINE (LUX, 2014) – directed by Cyrus Neshvad
BARNBURNER (USA, 2016) – directed by Chloe Aktas
BEACON (USA, 2016) – directed by Trevor Tillman
BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE (GRC, 2015) – directed by Socrates Alafouzos
CHESS AND THE STRANGER (USA, 2016) – directed by Charles Ortiz
CUIDAR A RUTH (ESP, 2014) – directed by Miguel Berzal de Miguel
DAY SIX (feature) (MEX, 2016) – directed by Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham
DO NOT COME TO EUROPE (SWE, 2016) – directed by Pontus Joneström, Minna Lundberg, Hanna Pousette
DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEARS (USA, 2014) – directed Jill Johnston
ECLIPSE (RUS, 2016) – directed by Artem Makarevich
FILS (LUX, 2016) – directed by Cyrus Neshvad
FORGET-ME-NOT (ESP, 2016) – directed by Miguel Berzal de Miguel
FROM THE WOODS (GBR, 2016) – directed by Bhavithrah Satkunarasa
HYBRIS (DEU, 2016) – directed by Göekhan Sayim
I’M HERE (GBR, 2016) – directed by David Hewitt
MEAT ON BONES (GBR, 2016) – directed by Joseph Ollman
NOTORIOUS CORN (FRA, 2015) – directed by Mallory Grolleau
O (FRA, 2014) – directed by July Allard
OEDIPUS (GBR, 2016) – directed by Roxanne Bordeaux
ONE CAREFREE NIGHT (ZAF/ NLD, 2016) – directed by Elles van Gelder
PRIVATE PROPERTY ON SALE (ESP, 2016) – directed by Carmen Quijada
PUBLIC INTIMACY (feature) (BRA, 2016) – directed by Luciana Canton
PUSHING (USA, 2016) – directed by Ryan LaPine
REFLEX CAMERA (USA, 2015) – directed by Yoomi Kim
RHADA (IRL, 2016) – directed by Nicolas Cordouan
RIVER (USA, 2015) – directed by Stephanie Maxwell
SCHIRKOA (IND, 2016) – directed by Ishan Shukla
SECOND CHANCE (feature) (USA, 2015) – directed by Carlos Cardona
THE LONELY TIME (TWN, 2016) – directed by Bryan Ko
TUNISIA 2045 (FRA, 2016) – directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac
TWINSBURG (USA, 2016) – directed by Joe Garrity
VOICES FROM KAW THOO LEI (USA, 2015) – Martha Gorzycki
WAY (USA, 2016) – directed by Pedro Carmo
YELLOW CAB 267. A MUSICAL HELL (ESP/ USA, 2016) – directed by Patricia Venti Garcia

BELIFF accepts all forms and genres of film: shorts, features, documentaries, drama, horror, experimental, animation. You can go to our FilmFreeway page to submit your film.

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  • We do not require the premiere status but we strongly advise not to submit films older than 5 years old.
  • All non english language films must have English Subtitles.
  • Artists are welcome to submit more than one film.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent or guardian consent) to enter the competition.
  • Rough cuts or incomplete works are not accepted. – Film formats accepted minimum HD Resolution digital files (minimum 1080p)
  • Entrant agrees to grant Film Festival permission for accepted films and related marketing materials to be reproduced and distributed – in whole or in part – for purposes of jurying, education, and promotion of the festival.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable
  • The jury’s decision is final.
  • Filmmaker must have obtained all clearances for exhibition and must certify that the work is original and no disputes regarding ownership exist on the film.
  • Time limits: Short (up to 25 minutes) Feature (up to 3 hours) Documentaries (up to 3 hours) Animation (up to 2 hours)

The programme and the schedule of screening for the selected films are at the discretion of BELIFF. Whilst changes are uncommon we reserve the right to do so at any time and for any reason. NO film may be withdrawn from the festival program after is officially selected. If chose at the official selection we are granted the permission to exhibit the film at the BELIFF and all associated BELIFF 2016 screenings. Location and timing of any screenings of the film shall be the sole decision of the organisers of the BELIFF.

Filmmakers will be solely responsible for all costs resulting from the submission of the film to the Festival including but not limited to postage or insurance of the film (if the case), and expenses of your staff or any representatives of the film. Producer will indemnify the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

The filmmaker holds the BELIFF its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, and etc. harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from entry. The filmmaker certifies to have full rights. Producer will indemnify the organisers of the Festival against all claims, demands, costs, damages, expenses (including legal fees), proceedings and losses resulting from the screening of the film at the Festival or from claims by any third parties.

BELIFF is a live event with live screenings; “Official Selection” of films and the successful entries will be screened over a 3 (three) days event organised specifically for this. The Selected films are in competition for the following awards:

  • Best Feature Film
  • Cash Prize, Certificate and Trophy

  • Best Short Film
  • Cash Prize, Certificate and Trophy

  • Best Documentary Feature or Short
  • Best Animated Short Film
  • Best Experimental Film

Special Mentions for outstanding cinematographic achievements.

Professional Film Review And Score Table
(Regular Deadline – Shorts £35, Feature £49) – more on FilmFreeway
Film Feedback
(Regular Deadline – Shorts £30, Feature £42) – more on FilmFreeway
Coming Soon: Film Seminars (£25 entry fee)

While we do prefer films not to be online when applying, we accept short films or short animations that have been online and if selected we will screen them.
That is not the case for feature films where we won’t be able to accept their submission if they have been released online.
Because we understand the delicate process of submitting to more than one film festival, the premiere status is not required for any of the categories of the competition.
Due to the large number of applicants, we are sorry we can’t afford to help filmmakers fly over to the festival.
Again due to the large number of people attending the festival we will not be able to arrange accommodation for any of them. However we will be happy to suggest hotels in the area if that will be of help.
Each filmmaker gets 2 complimentary tickets or 1 free invitation for 2 people, that grants them free access to the festival at any screenings during its period, but if other cast members, family members or friends want to attend they will have to purchase a separate ticket.
Each submission to the festival successful or not gets a bonus from our part to you, a free very short review; please understand that because of the large number of applications, we can’t cope with offering a comprehensive feedback to each and every one of them. If you wish though you can get a full feedback or a full review in exchange for a fee that you can arrange through the Services section of the BELIFF website or by writing us at
File formats eligible for the screening are HD mov files preferably, at a minimal resolution of 1080p (1920*1080). The higher the better. If other digital files are available and the filmmaker does not have the means to send a .mov file, we might accept those: .avi, .mp4 etc. or we might be able to convert his file to a .mov in exchange of a small fee.
Yes you can, but each film needs to be submitted separately.
Yes you can. We strongly suggest though you read the eligibility guidelines and
make sure your film is eligible for the category you are submitting to!
Yes! We now accept payment via PayPal. Get in touch with us for instructions. You can also pay via film freeway, Withoutabox, Festhome or via bank transfer.
NO! While festival trailers with presentation fragments from the Official Selection might be posted online on our site, on social media or other complementary sites we have accounts on for marketing purposes, NO film submitted for the BELIFF competition will be screened online. All films officialy selected will be screened LIVE at the festival’s venue. We understand the value of intellectual property and we much treasure it. We therefore have no intentions in diminishing the value of our Official Selected by posting them online before they have ‘become of age’ – they have finished their festivals circuit and their owners wish to distribute them online.
If BELIFF will develop distribution services or online connected film services and will be interested in your film, its owners, organisers or representatives will contact the filmmakers and any arrangements will be established in writing with the film owners before any further step of screening any film online is taken.

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